Karley Schimpf is in their mid-twenties, born in the season of Aries and always curious about the world around them. This curiosity has informed the creation of a highly-driven forever student, who is always up for a new challenge and eager to learn. They analyze all experiences, ask questions, and embrace new (and old) situations to feed their creative endeavors and drive. The key driving force in their life is that if one is always curious they will always be creative. With this mentality they have traveled to nearly all continental states in the United States of America by motorcycle before the age of eighteen, lived in Melbourne, Australia studying liberal arts and hiking the beautiful lands of Victoria and Tasmania, and won a Game-Jam competition while traveling in Japan. They currently reside in the Chicagoland area and keep themselves busy by participating in alternative fashion events, volunteering at museums (most notably the Chicago Design Museum), teaching and competing in painting events for tabletop games, and raising a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Montaque (Monty for short). This website is a forever evolving home for the creative product of a curious lifestyle.